Hi! This is Mirza Rayana Sanzana 

An affordable software developer for websites, eCommerce, XR apps, UI/UX design and more!

A bit about me

Currently pursing PhD in University of Nottingham focusing on Machine Learning techniques. Published my Master's research in a Q1 journal about implementing VR games in Higher Education. I am certified by Google for Digital Marketing, AdWords, SEO optimization and others. Besides, I am also certified for 2D & 3D Game Development. Virtual Reality is a favorite as I find it quite fun to develop mini experiences for advertisement or education. Also experienced in graphics designing, creating logos, brochures, business cards, websites, MVPs for sites, and phone apps. I care about a good user interface in terms of software.

If you want an experienced affordable software developer with exemplary work ethics, then feel free to contact me. I would listen to your requirements and be honest about the delivery of the product and the duration. Started doing AR filters, you can use them from my Instagram account; contact me for your special customized branded AR filter. Here is my blog ranoutofink.com and I think you understand my favorite color is pink. Fitness and health for me is above anything.

PhD in Civil Engineering
Expected to graduate in Feb 2024

Currently doing my PhD in Civil Engineering remotely at home thanks to the pandemic along with freelancing. I spend most of my days in comfy clothes working on my computer and taking care of my kids. Can't say I don't love it!

MSc in Computer Science
Obtained on February 2020

Managed to get my MSc certificate on February 2020 when the pandemic was still brewing. Luckily, the situation was not so bad that time so I managed to attend the ceremony. This was special for me because I graduated with my husband.

BSc in Computer Science
Obtained on February 2019

My first university degree! Graduated with a First Class Hons. The ceremony was on July 2018, but I wanted my doctor mom to attend it which is why I signed up for the ceremony on February so she could make it. It was a big moment for me and a great achievement going through university and all. Clearly I liked it so much I decided to go for MSc and PhD.

Achieved on January 2013

Got 3 A*s, and 4 As and got the High Achiever award (I know am a nerd). Started my foundation in University of Nottingham on July 2014. Little did I know I would meet my husband this year.

My Services

Here are the main services that I provide
Web Development

Website Design and Development. Have experience in Landing pages, Business sites, Social Media, eCommerce and WordPress sites.

Graphics Design

Whatever your graphical needs maybe I can deliver. Brochures, logos, menus, prototypes, icons, posters, illustrations, you name it and I'll design.

XR Apps

XR applications including Virtual Reality apps or games and augmented reality experiences like AR filters on Instagram & Facebook.

Here are some of my skills that I have experience doing work on.

Other Skills

React Logo
I'm a published author!

You can read my published academic articles using the link below.

Loop gif

Let's talk about what I can do for you

Below are some of the projects that I have worked on and the different services that I provide.

If you want to know all the projects I have done feel free to contact me. I have only chosen to display some of them.


User-friendly & professional

Have worked for clients for business sites, social media sites, dashboard and some startups. Some of the clients are JT Onestop Pets Solution, Mr. Dinesh Karna. I have worked for a freelance company and a digital marketing company where clients outsourced software development such as complete websites or parts of it or for functionalities of components. Some of the clients are Pod by Prudential, 1337 Ventures.


Educational/mini games for your needs

I love to make educational games for education of a topic. Having an entertaining approach to make students understand difficult topics was what my research was about. I come up with a game story, and a game-play for teaching topics. Two of my video games were for University. You can ask me for the videos if you are considering to hire me.

Chemistry education test-based lab game

Biology education test-based lab game

AR Filters

Instagram & Facebook Filters

A brand new way to market your brand your products in a unique and fun way. Utilize the power of social media giants Facebook & Instagram and expose your brand and products in unique & exciting AR filters. Here are some of the filters I made that people loved. You can also view my entire AR filters portfolio by clicking on the button below.


VR experiences & games

So far, have created around 5 VR experiences where one was for my Masters Research Project. Some experiences are Futuristic Chemistry Lab, Civil Engineering 3D visual with a story experience. One consisted of visualizing panoramic images with VR for a pharmacy. Some of these VR experiences can be used for advertising as well as for education. Below I gave links for the video recording taken from the VR headset.

Oil Rig Educational Game

Futuristic Chemistry Game

01. University of Nottingham

I have a BSc and a MSc from the University of Nottingham. 

02. Google Digital Garage

The Digital Garage certification for completing and passing the test.

03. Pearson Edexcel

The Pearson Edexcel certification for completing the IGCSE exams.

04. Google Adwords

AdWords certification for finishing and completing the test.

05. Kaggle

Kaggle certification for finishing the ML courses and passing the test.

06. Udemy

Multiple Udemy certifications for finishing courses on Udemy.

I never dreamed about succes, I worked for it.

Estée Lauder

Estee Lauder Signature

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I am available for freelance work.

Also if you want to collaborate with me, you are welcome to contact me.
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